March 7 - 11

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University of Wisconsin Madison hosted in Napa California

The US-Japan workshops on magnetic reconnection aim to foster discussions and collaborations between interdisciplinary groups conducting research in this fast evolving area of physics. Following the tradition of the MR meeting series, the MR2016 meeting will cover a broad range of topics related to magnetic reconnection observed in astrophysical plasma, space plasmas, as well as plasma in the laboratory.

Magnetic loops reconnecting in the solar corona.

SDO image of magnetic loops reconnecting in the solar corona, overlaid with RHESSI observations of emission from superthermal electrons. Credit: NASA / SDO / RHESSI / Goddard

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3D magnetic simulation.

Output from state of the art kinetic simulation of 3D magnetic simulation. Credit: W Daughton

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Reconnection experiment schematic drawing.

Schematic drawing of a next generation reconnection experiment (TREX) being developed a UW-Madison.

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