March 7 - 11

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Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations:

Author Title Files Organization
Avanov, Levon A MMS observations of velocity-dispersed ion populations in Earth’s magnetotail. [none] University of Maryland at GSFC
Burch, James L The Reconnection Electron Diffusion Region as Observed by the MMS Mission [none] Southwest Research Institute
Cassak, Paul Asymmetric Reconnection, Guide Field Reconnection, and Reconnection with Flow Shear: Recent Work and Future Horizons 1 West Virginia University
Chen, Li-Jen Quiet Eyes of Magnetic Reconnection in Space As Witnessed by the MMS and CLUSTER Missions [none] NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Cheng, Chio Z. Kinetic physics of driven magnetic reconnection in 2-1/2 dimensions 1 University of Tokyo
Comisso, Luca Ion diffusion region physics and reconnection rate [none] Princeton University
Dahlin, Joel T Electron Acceleration in 3D Magnetic Reconnection 1 University of Maryland, College Park
Dargent, Jérémy The role of the cold ion population on magnetic reconnection at the Earth’s magnetopause : fully kinetic simulations 1 LPP
Daughton, William S Flux Ropes: An Integral Component of Magnetic Reconnection 1 LANL
De Pontieu, Bart Observations and simulations of heating and particle acceleration resulting from magnetic reconnection in the solar chromosphere and transition region 1 Lockheed Martin Solar & Astrophysics Laboratory
DeHaas, Timothy A Characteristic Dynamics of Non-Linear Flux Ropes [none] UCLA
Divin, Andrey Magnetic Reconnection Dynamics in the Presence of Cold Ions [none] Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Drake, James F Electron and ion heating, acceleration and energy partition during magnetic reconnection: a tutorial 1 University of Maryland
DuBois, Ami M. Particle Heating and Energization During Magnetic Reconnection Events in MST Plasmas 1 University of Wisconsin - Madison
Egedal, Jan Magnetic islands in the new TREX experiment [none] UW-Madison
Eriksson, Stefan MMS observations of vortex induced ion reconnection exhausts and asymmetric Hall fields during a post-noon Kelvin-Helmholtz event [none] CU/LASP
Fujimoto, Keizo 3D flux ropes and outflow jets in anti-parallel collisionless reconnection 1 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Gekelman, Walter Heartbeat Reconnection [none] University of California, Los Angeles
Giles, Barbara L The Fast Plasma Investigation during Phase 1A of NASA’s Magnetic Multiscale Mission: A First Assessment [none] NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Gota, Hiroshi Field-Reversed Configuration Merging and Sustainment Experiment on the C-2U Device 1 Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.
Greess, Samuel M. Magnetic Flux Array for the Terrestrial Reconnection Experiment (TREX) 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Guidoni, Silvina E. Particle Acceleration in Simulated Contracting Flux Ropes Formed by Flare Reconnection 1 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/CUA
Guo, Xuehan Experimental and Numerical studies for Localized Electron Heating of High Guide Field Reconnection 1 The University of Tokyo
Hara, Hirohisa Reconnection-associated Dynamic Structures from EUV Observations in Solar Flares 1 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Hasegawa, Hiroshi Reconstruction of the electron diffusion region 1 Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA
Hasegawa, Hiroshi Structure of magnetic reconnection jets at the Earth’s dayside magnetopause: Geotail and MMS simultaneous observations 1 Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA
Hesse, Michael Kinetic Effects in Magnetic Reconnection [none] Heliophysics Science Division, NASA GSFC
Hoshino, Masahiro Particle acceleration and energy dissipation of driven reconnection in plasma universe [none] University of Tokyo
Huang, Yi-Min Plasmoid Instability Mediated Turbulent Reconnection 1 Princeton University
Ishida, Shunsuke Development of Two-Dimensional Thomson Scattering Measurement using Multiple Reflection and the Time-of-Flight of Laser Light for TS-3 and TS-4 Magnetic Reconne [none] University of Tokyo
Jara-Almonte, Jonathan Experimental Observation of the Formation of Sub-Ion Scale Plasmoids During Two-Fluid Reconnection 1 Princeton University
Ji, Hantao Study of Multiple-Scale Physics of Magnetic Reconnection on MRX and Upcoming FLARE Facility 2 Princeton University
Kacem, Issaad M. Current and plasma structures associated with FTEs observed in the magnetosheath by MMS [none] IPAR/CNRS/UPS
Kanoh, Ryuichi Studies on the solar chromospheric brightenings by using Mg II triplet line with IRIS 1 The University of Tokyo
Kawabata, Yusuke Analysis of flares in a quadrupolar field using nonlinear force-free field modeling [none] The University of Tokyo
Kimura, Kokoro Development of High Magnetic Field Merging Tokamak Experiments TS-U for Reconnection Heating Physics and Applications [none] University of Tokyo
Lavraud, Benoit The fine structure of the magnetosheath boundary layer during magnetic reconnection at the Earth’s magnetopause [none] IRAP/CNRS/Université de Toulouse
Lazarian, Alex Theory of turbulent reconnection and its testing 1 UW-Madison
Le, Ari Y. Anisotropic Electron Energization Resluting from Reconnection [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Li, Xiaocan The role of fluid compression in energy conversion and particle energization during magnetic reconnection 1 The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Lin, Yu 3-D Magnetic Reconnection under a Finite Guide Field [none] Auburn University
Liu, Yi-Hsin Suppression of collisionless magnetic reconnection in high delta-beta asymmetric current sheets 1 NASA-GSFC
Loureiro, Nuno F. Ion and Electron Heating in Strong Guide-Field Reconnection 1 PSFC, MIT
Lu, Quanming Magnetic islands formed due to the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in the outflow region of collisionless magnetic reconnection 1 University of Science and Technology of China
Matsumoto, Ryoji Magnetorotational Instability and Magnetic Reconnection in Differentially Rotating, Gravitationally Stratified Disks 1 Chiba University
Matsumoto, Yosuke Turbulent reconnection in astrophysical shock waves 1 Department of Physics, Chiba University
Mozer, Forrest Electron acceleration by Time Domain Structures in Reconnection 1 Space Sciences Laboratory, University of Californi
Murphy, Nicholas A The appearance, motion, and disappearance of 3D magnetic null points 1 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Nishizuka, Naoto Impulsive Reconnection driven by Multiple Plasmoid Ejections in Solar Flares and Laboratory Experiments 1 NICT (National Institute of Information and Commun
Ohia, Obioma O Scaling Laws for Magnetic Reconnection, Set by Regulation of the Electron Pressure Anisotropy to the Firehose Threshold [none] Univ of Maryland-College Park
Olson, Joseph R Experimental demonstration of the collisionless plasmoid instability on TREX 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ono, Yasushi High Power Heating of Magnetic Reconnection in Tokamak Merging Experiments [none] University of Tokyo
Phan, Tai MMS High-Resolution Observations of Kinetic Processes in the Magnetopause Reconnection Layer [none] UC Berkeley
Pritchett, Philip L. Magnetic Reconnection in the Earth's Magnetotail 1 UCLA
Reeves, Kathy K Thermal Structure in Supra-arcade Downflows and Flare Plasma Sheets 1 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Runov, Andrei Magnetotail Reconnection Ejecta Interaction with Ambient Plasma: A Mechanism for Energy Conversion 1 EPSS/IGPP UCLA
Russell, Christopher T High resolution current measurements in the reconnecting magnetopause with MMS [none] UCLA
Savage, Sabrina L. Observational Signatures of Magnetic Reconnection in the Extended Corona 1 NASA/MSFC
Shay, Michael A Electron and Ion Heating During Magnetic Reconnection: Scaling, Mechanisms, and Energy Partition 1 University of Delaware
Shen, Chengcai MHD Numerical experiments on termination shocks in solar flares 1 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Shibayama, Takuya Fast magnetic reconnection supported by sporadic small-scale Petschek-type shocks 1 Institute for Space and Earth Environmental Resear
Shimizu, Toshifumi Magnetic twist in solar coronal magnetic fields and fast reconnection 1 ISAS/JAXA
Sironi, Lorenzo Magnetic Reconnection in Relativistic Astrophysical Jets 1 Harvard University
Stanier, Adam J. Scaling of magnetic reconnection in weak and strong guide-field regimes [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Swisdak, Marc Stabilization of Reconnection from Diamagnetic Drifts and Flow Shear 1 University of Maryland
Takahashi, Hiroyuki 3D reconnection of super-critical accretion disks in relativistic radiation magnetohydrodynamic simulations 1 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Takahashi, Wataru Measurement of ion flow in ohmic plasmas by Doppler spectroscopy on TST-2 [none] The University of Tokyo
Tanabe, Hiroshi Recent progress of high field reconnection heating experiment in MAST 1 Univ.Tokyo
Usami, Shunsuke Simulation studies on effective ion heating in the reconnection downstream [none] National Institute for Fusion Science
Uzdensky, Dmitri A. Particle Acceleration and Radiation Powered by Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection in Astrophysical Plasmas 1 University of Colorado
Vekstein, Grigory Nonlinear forced reconnection and plasmoid instability 1 University of Manchester
Vernisse, Yoann Small-scale topological changes associated with magnetic reconnection during Kelvin-Helmholtz instability at the Earth's Magnetopause 1 Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetol
Wang, Shan Electron heating in the exhaust of magnetic reconnection with negligible guide field 1 University of Maryland College Park
Wang, Rongsheng In situ observation of interaction between magnetic flux ropes in the ion diffusion region of magnetic reconnection 1 CAS Key Laboratory of Geospace Environment
Wang, Shuoyang Coupling of eigenmodes in 3D MHD magnetic reconnection with moderate guide field 1 The University Of Tokyo
Yamada, Masaaki Toroidal flux rope experiments on MRX: Laboratory identification of MHD eruption criteria in the solar corona* 1 PPPL, Princeton University
Yamazaki, Hibiki Measurement of the current inside the current sheet of UTST merging plasma using a Rogowski probe [none] The University of Tokyo
Yokoi, Nobumitsu A closure approach to inhomogeneous turbulent magnetic reconnection 1 University of Tokyo
Yokoyama, Takaaki Numerical study of solar chromospheric jets [none] The University of Tokyo
Yoo, Jongsoo Electron heating and the energy inventory during asymmetric magnetic reconnection in a laboratory plasma 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Yuri, Khotyaintsev V. Electron Dynamics and Wave-Particle Interactions in the Reconnection Diffusion Region 1 Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Zenitani, Seiji Particle dynamics in the electron current layer in collisionless magnetic reconnection 1 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Zenitani, Seiji High-speed fluid dynamics in magnetic reconnection in a low-beta plasma 1 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Zhdankin, Vladimir V Intermittent Energy Dissipation and Magnetic Reconnection in Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence 1 JILA/CU-Boulder